Hello World!

So I’m starting a blog.

The notion of starting a blog has been terrifying to me, and so to facilitate getting to this step (that is, actually going to WordPress and starting) I’ve put off until later every concern and ambition I have about writing a blog.

If I can sustain a schedule of two entries a week, each somewhere between two-hundred fifty words and five hundred words, I’ll say it’s a success. At least it’s going well.

I can’t even ponder hits and comments. Right now I’m worrying about the proverbial carrier signal, not the content. The blog’s intent is, for now to chronicle my efforts in making a blog. You can expect such racy topics such as:

~ Gee, writing a blog is hard.
~ Lookit! I done a new thing on my blog!
~ Why can’t I do this thing on my blog? It would be sooooo cool!
~ This thing happened in my life which makes me happy / sad / angry and I haven’t had much time or energy to blog.

I may at some point season this schedule with other topics such as:

~ I wish Borderlands 2 was better.
~ I’m glad that someone saw Freelancer and made Starpoint Gemini 2
~ Wow, I’ve done a lot of work on Terraria. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?
~ ZOMG This new game is really cool except for the parts I don’t like! Also, I haven’t been posting for a while.


~ Something happened in the news and I’m angry!
~ Someone was a jerk on the internet and I’m angry!
~ Someone was a jerk IRL and I’m angry! Also I need to get a lawyer.

This may not sound too exciting. That’s fine. I’m going to add the exciting later. I may even add pictures with funny captions since those seem to be a neat thing. Then again, that sounds like a lot of work.

I also do intend to, at some point, add some indices to where (I think) it gets good, and where I start getting some hits. That way, you don’t need to start at my WTF-am-I-doing!? beginning.

To an ambiguous future!


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