News Sometimes Makes Me Very Angry

Very angry, indeed.

In this case, it’s about the United States extrajudicial detention, rendition and torture program — I’m sorry, the CIA Detention and Interrogation Program and the findings-and-conclusions executive summary of the Committee Study of the CIA Detention and Interrogation Program as written by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

We tortured some folks.

And I’ve been unhappy about that since the Abu Graib revelations in 2003. But it keeps getting worse.

And I’d be writing about it in this blog, but it’s not far enough along and were I to try to say something, I’d sputter and spit like an overheating machine gun. And I’d probably not be able to find anything profound to offer. As a warning, the US tortures and that’s really sad thing is going to come up a lot in this blog, probably.

My country is now a country that tortures. And it may still be doing so in secret. And if some high-ranking official in the US wants someone abducted, detained and tortured, there’s nothing to stop our agencies from snatching up the poor soul and inflicting upon them selections from our twenty-odd flavors of misery from the CIA torture playbook.

And so we will. Torture happening again in the US, in the name of US interests and paid by US taxpayers is almost assured.

The US was supposed to be the good guys. That’s what they taught me in grammar school, was that in the USSR, sometimes terrible things were done to people. But not here.

Naive soul that I was, I believed them. I believed it couldn’t happen here. But it did so easily. Now I question if there was ever a time when it didn’t happen here, if the agencies of the US were always as despicable as the KGB. As the German Schutzstaffel.

We still teach American Exceptionalism to our children here in the US. we are knowingly lying to them. We are betraying our very own kids.

That makes me angry, and sad, and kinda hopeless.

And that’s why I didn’t blog all last week.


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