Blogging Is Not Writing A Book

It’s evident to me now that I had some misgivings of what writing a blog would be like.

You see, I had a plan. (That was probably my undoing right there.)

This is not to say the plan was bad or failed to serve. I had extreme hesitations about starting a blog, and my flaking on it is my worst nightmare*. I needed to be sold into starting a blog. I was too anxious to dive into a blog without a plan. I fretted over countless contingencies, and figured out ways to circumvent them all, or at least persist.

My idea (within the plan) was to keep things to about five-hundred word blurbs. If I wrote significantly more, I’d break it into smaller chunks. If I tangented off to other thoughts (which I habitually do) I’d break them off to other blurbs and linkity things up later.

I also wanted to write disclaimers in advance of talking about controversal subjects (sex, religion, politics, etc.) and then just link to these prefab disclaimers so as to sway people towards not reading things that might be offensive or overwhelming.

Blogging, what I’ve learned, is about writing about what is immediate. Not necessarily reflecting on recent publicized current events per se (though that does come into play) but what is going on in my head at a given time.

This happens when crafting larger works, such as novels, but you can start writing a novel at the final confrontation and do the intro later. Blogs are pretty strictly chronological.

So often when I’m wanting to discuss something political, I’m not wanting to write a disclaimer justifying why i feel sometimes compelled to open up social sore spots. When I feel like geeking out about a fiction convention, I don’t necessarily need to express the joy to be gained from the Socratic discussion of the transitive property of the action of picking up Thor’s Hammer.**

Eventually, and I now realize, haphazardly, this infrastructure of disclaimers and definitions and prior discussions will be in place. And I’ll even try to retroactively add tags and links. But for now, I need to allow myself the freedom to discuss stuff without first apologizing for it.

* Well, my worst nightmare with respect to blogging, specifically to end up flaking for so long, either due to extensive depression or anxiety or life chaos that it peters out and becomes yet another one of my unfinished projects on the shelf of old, broken, outgrown toys. My big shelf of incomplete or failed projects is already way impacted and haunts me enough as it is.

** At some point I am totally going to have to deconstruct the Big Bang Theory Thor’s Hammer argument scene. There are some indicators that the writers were more experienced in hearing arguments over comic books, and less experienced in actually making arguments over comic books.


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