A much more pleasant metaphor.

Two-Hundred Fifty Words of Crap

Okay, Plan B.

I seem to still get stuck in the perilous pits of perfectionism, so to overlay metaphors, I’m going to just have to grunt and push and try and suffer the flow of all my less quality words falling into full display.

A middle-class Protestant-raised American, I am hypersensitive to shame and embarrassment. My own reaction to such feelings can be extreme and has some unpleasant similarities to electrocution. As a result, regarding any endeavor that requires practice to achieve modest competence, I tend to hide away my early efforts until I have some noticeable skill. This, however, means I tend not to advance in any effort that requires interaction with a human element to improve, and when confronted with presenting my novice efforts to a human audience, or not trying at all, it becomes too easy to choose the latter.

If I cannot stop being afraid of exposing my (proverbial) naked bits for all to see, I will have to accustom myself to the anxiety of being so exposed, so that I can proceed regardless. Interestingly this has not intimidated me from writing in forums, even to the point that I’ve ranted for paragraphs and discovered to my horror my words were not quite as elegantly put as I had thought when first I committed them to textfield. I will have to examine that facet later.

Meanwhile, my new commitment is to excrete 250 words of spew, four times a week, with the option of doing more in a sitting and maybe throwing up a relevant picture. With any luck some of my unfiltered slag will turn out to be usable bullion.

Image according to Google is from GalleryHip but the page they linked to doesn’t seem to display it. One might infer it’s an image of copper smelting but the image name itself suggests it’s aluminum. Confusing.

EDITS: for grammar. Aargh! And for style

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