Searching For True Cat

I’m suffering from more than a little apathy today. That my lungs are failing to dislodge a whole lot of stuck phlegm isn’t helping. If I know my traditional medicine correctly my humors are out of balance leaning towards lethargy.

So I’m going to kinda wing it.

Ever since Sims 2 Pets came out, I’ve been a bit sensitive about how rarely dogs and cats get real love in video games. By real love I mean that je ne sais quoi that I can only realize when I witness it. Sims 2 cats and small dogs are unable to engage sitting human sims on their laps, or even sharing a sofa.* It never felt right.

I’ve been looking for the game that would scratch that particular itch ever since.

Some games came close.

I never played Nintendogs which many reviewers suggested gave true dog. Or at least close enough to true dog that dog enthusiasts could get an adequate substitute for dog fix when actual dogs were not about. I’ve had occasional temptations to get a DS or DS-related handheld solely for Nintendogs.

Then there’s Call of Duty: Ghosts, a standard if below-average COD game which featured a couple of levels of first-person dog. Not just FPD, but truly amazing and satisfying first-person dog. It was my understanding that this is the only redeeming quality of Ghosts and it wasn’t enough to salvage the embarrassment that the game was. It remains one of the select titles that demonstrates how Poe’s Law applies to games.

Many developers have since suggested that Ghosts should have been all dog. While that remains a great idea, that was clearly not their original vision. No all-dog COD titles have been announced.

The Purring Quest was recently released on Steam. (This is what brought this topic to my mind.) I had hoped we’d get some true cat. We didn’t. The Purring Quest is a fairly standard platformer with impressive cat themes. It looks like a decent platformer, with lovely art, though.

But it doesn’t feel like true cat.

Catlateral Damage never tried to be true cat. It was the first effort I’ve seen to make first-person cat, though. A worthy, noble cause all its own. But it isn’t true cat either. Rather I am reminded of efforts to goat

My quest continues.

* I haven’t looked at Sims 3 Pets since the original Sims 3 game had certain odious qualities (mostly related to its extensive microtransaction system). Reading about this version, it sounds like pets in Sims 3 cannot do lap either. Sims 4 requires the Origin client which is, for me, a dealbreaker. No Sims 4 pet expansion has yet been released.

EDIT for painful style.


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