Far Cry 2: Imperfect Guns

Sometimes I just need to gush about Far Cry 2

I’ve gone back to playing Far Cry 2 (2008) as a catharsis game.* And each time I do, I wonder why I ever stopped. Curiously, many of the features I like about FC2 were complained about enough that they were removed in Far Cry 3 (2012). This is one of those.

Africa is a rough place with hot sun and heavy rain and extremes of aridity and humidity, which is not easy on steel guns. It makes sense that your guns would deteriorate in time.

And they do. Your gun starts shiny and new, but it immediately starts to decay. Eventually it jams. And then again. And they jams happen more and more until at long last, the gun falls apart in your hands. Sometimes it falls apart right in the middle of combat. How embarrassing.

And using rocket-propelled grenade launchers after their warranty has expired is a high-risk choice.

This makes looted guns much less useful than ones you’ve purchased. Guns in your arsenal can be replaced anew. The other guys never maintain their weapons as well as I would.

This also allows for another game mechanic by which guns differentiate. AK47s, famous in real life for their reliability, last longer than the other assault rifles, and AR-16s** (like the other M1Ax variants) are more vulnerable to dirt and debris, so they deteriorate more quickly than other guns. There are also rare golden AK47s about (in secret areas) whose only special ability is to last and last and be shiny. And last.

It’s a good mechanic that contributes to the emergent chaos that is typical of FC2 play. Why’d you take it out of FC3, Ubi? WHY?

Update: Problem Machine observes that Jackal tape three also provides explanation for the guns’ eagerness to fall apart, as the supplier buys up unwanted guns from theaters once a truce has been signed to move them to other wars. Many of the guns are very old and have experienced many wars.

* There’s an old depression trick of mine from the 80s and 90s. When I was feeling particularly down (which was a lot), I’d hole up in my room and play the album The Wall (Pink Floyd, 1979 — Linoleum LP at the time. Pre-Compact Disc!). Then I’d lie on my bed and sob myself stupid for the whole album. Eighty-one minutes and nine seconds later, I’d feel profoundly less sad, and would be able to get on with doing responsible stuff, like homework.

I’ve since used video games for similar emotional processing. FC2 helps me process both the outrage I feel about suffering in the world, and the helplessness I feel from being able to do nothing (significant) about it.

FC2 also allows me to be a bastard in a confined space, and to feel guilty about it. I seem to need to do that.

In Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) this is a technique in the category of Distress Tolerance, which focuses on implementing devices we use to weather symptoms as they occur.

** In actuality, a heavily modified AR-15 with a reflex scope, not the actual AR-16 prototypes that never entered production.

Image is of a real jam in a real gun enthusiasts forum (identities unknown) in the context of how do I clear this?

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