Take It Easy.

Check In: I’m less a mess than I was yesterday, but still definitely fighting something. I was joking with my roommate that if the cold bug (which I gave to her) mutates sufficiently within then she gets to be patient-zero. Now I’m curious if I’m fighting a mutation of the old virus or if this is some convoluted part of the process. Or maybe I haven’t been taking things as easy as I should be, having dates and appointments every day, and so, dangit, will you just slow down?

I wrote some bits about characterization in first person games. I can’t find it. I tried writing about how insanity is modeled in games and it started growing too big. This night is not going well for me.

So I’ve tried a couple other topics, all of which want to expand into something too big for the night, in some cases requiring a significant amount of research. Some of which make me sad or angry, since they are based on officials in the US making poor, ill-thought decisions. It’s still difficult for me to write when I am sad or angry, so I’ve been avoiding issues that make me feel these things.

It seems I’ve been able to come up with two-hundred fifty words, but not without trying and failing to make a concise topic. I’m tired and easily frustrated tonight. Clearly my brain doesn’t want to think very hard, probably on account of this stupid bug.


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