Check In: Too much

I’m clearly depressed today. Some of it’s about the San Bernadino Shooting and the continuing panic — I wrote about that yesterday. Some of it’s a high stress inventory, between switching phone service-providers, which I must do today, and a rent-board hearing tomorrow which I feel I should attend, but it’s overwhelming me.

On a more rational day, I’d write about something lighter. Gush about video games or something, but all I can think about right now is bad news. Instead I wrote a mass of bleargh about San Bernadino and the new gun-control demands and how we’re terrible at identifying crap that should be regulated and regulating crap we don’t like and Holy Crap why did this couple do this thing since they totally don’t look like either radicalized Muslims nor loners gone amok.

Anyway, my long thing (1500 words and counting) would just be a giant teal dear if I posted it without breaking it into different topics and thorough editing. So I’m going to save that wall of text to be processed on a less rainy day.


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