Depression and apathy are the continuing order of the day. I’m still hacking up bunnies. It’s also colder. I was hoping for a longer warm spell, I guess.

In The Long Dark (In alpha pre-release, still announced for 2015), there’s a certain sense of perpetual doom. My longest run, just over fifteen days, I was starving to death most of the time, but I kept finding ways to keep myself alive just a little longer, even when I was nursing the herbal tea for the calories.*

This is where my mind goes, as I run out of milk this morning and eat half-dry cereal, and my roommate and I start tapping into emergency food stores, which is something like laundry-day attire, the things we eat when we don’t have around things we’d rather eat.

Both of us are in states too sad to make a run even to the local convenience market, so we make what we can and watch doom creep as our larder empties.

It’s not a real doom, I suppose. If worst got to worst, I’d take my hacking shambling self down to the store and make some emergency purchases, even scaring the local tech-hipster element barking like a Left 4 Dead Smoker. On the other hand I feel like I have the volition of a hyperbolic comet well past perihelion. The plan is to return to bed


Just meh.

* I talked yesterday of an interface problem about which the Hinterland representatives on their forum have clarified is not open for discussion or modification at this time. The interface, which makes doing tasks like dressing a kill or boiling water or cooking rather tedious exasperates the aggravation from starving or freezing or dehydration, all of which are real threats in the game. I’ve ceased playing it due to frustration in reaction to this tedium, and the response to me by Hinterland’s officials (essentially, it works well enough) has aggravated this sense I have that the world wants me to just shut up and give it money and otherwise comply like a good citizen. Pick up that can.


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