Ugh. I’d really rather write. I still have to do the second part of the Scarborough Fair thing. I was thinking about talking about global warming and climate change fun facts. Also I have a couple of game ideas to discuss.

But today I get to do none of that, and instead focus on filling out the Tenant Capital Improvements Passthrough Hardship Application 2015 which means I have to contemplate how impoverished I am which is something of a touchy subject these days. Touchier still is that people want to make me even poorer if they can possibly help it.

So I will probably not be writing much else today on account of filling out these forms and gathering up sufficient proof that, yeah, really, this is a blood-from-a-turnip situation.

It hasn’t helped that this coldsnap has stayed at the floor all week. Daytime bursts of rain followed by the cloud cover clearing by nighttime has been a noticeable factor, and the weather’s effect on my mood is getting pronounced.

On a lighter note, I’m gearing up (and downloading) for a Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel binge, which my flatmate got me for Christmas. That should provide some relief.

Until tomorrow…


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