Borderlands Binge

Another day off before I resume a work-a-day routine fresh and clear for the new year.

The binge on Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is surprisingly good — so far — I was really distraught by the betrayal by Angel in Borderlands 2 so I remain wary of investing myself in the story-line too much, but the player-characters themselves are surprisingly more interesting (and less everyman) than the ones in either of the previous games. My flatmate and I have been falling out of our chairs laughing (sometimes literally) at the antics we’ve gotten up to, not necessarily even following the missions, as we spend a lot of time lost.

Also lasers. Not the lasers I expected (which would be beamy and allow me to carve letters into surfaces) but rather energy weapons of the classic raygun-gothic pew-pew kind. Such guns existed and had their special class of rarity in Borderlands 2 as E-tech, which is to say rarer than very rare (purple) items. Now they can be common.

Also of note, of the six playable characters, there’s two men, three women and one robot. (Borderlands 1 and 2 had male-to-female-to-robot ratios 3/1/0 and 4/2/0, respectively, unless you indulge the pet theory that Zer0 poses as inferably male as part of her anonymizing guise.)

And if you choose to play the robot (Claptrap) there are three layers of confirmation (are you sure you want to do this? y/n). I’d been waiting for someone to make that joke for decades now.

Regarding my stupid rent forms, They’re finished, though I need to produce and redact a bank statement (preferably by .pdf) and then print all this stuff up, which I’ll probably do at a nearby print shop. A couple of hours of work for tomorrow. My usual fare of musing and pontificating will resume tomorrow.


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