White Slavery

Check In, re: Rent issue I got up early this morning, printed out our forms, got them collated and signed and they were out of order according to the front-desk guy at the Rent Board. His solution was to send me away until I got it right. Fortunately a nice counselor-person was able to fix my forms up as best as possible (probably enough to successfully challenge the passthrough rent-increase). And if they need more data, we have the option of supplying it later. Soooo….success! Stress inventory lowered! Anxiety relieved!

Introspective: Wow. Talking about white slavery = human trafficking put me into a full on rant and maximum cynicism mode. Read at your own risk.

George Lucas raised some ire with a poor choice of metaphors recently, in an interview with Charlie Rose, referring to his movies as his children and then confessing and I sold them to the white slavers. The big hubbub right now is that he referred to Disney as white slavers. He metaphorically did, but he also technically referred to himself as a white slaver, considering that slavers are people who sell slaves, id est, sell people into slavery.

My pause comes from his metaphor referring to Disney / himself as white slavers. White slavery historically refers to the trade of Europeans by the Ottoman Empire, in an age when slavery wasn’t too far removed from ordinary feudal contracts between vassals and liege lords. Slaves were commonly captured in war and had no rights (though considering a noble could dead a serf any time he wanted, that wasn’t much of a step down.) White slavery is also used in contrast to institutionalized African slavery in the United States in reference to forced prostitution.

But in our era, slavery remains a serious matter.

White in this case refers to the color of the slaves.* I have to wonder if Lucas imagines that white slavery is the most dastardly form of slavery. White slavers are worse than others on the grounds that its victims are…worth more? More noble? More refined? Gentler? Are his moviebabies not just children but white children? I can’t imagine he thought much about it. Maybe he imagined them being stolen away by Ottoman caliphs bored of their harem of wives.

Lucas would actually be kinda right when it comes to value. Little white girls are more valuable on the human market. Any slaver would be a white slaver if they had the chance. A little (prepubescent) Cambodian girl sells to a home (that is, a brothel somewhere in the less-industrialized Pacific Rim) for $8,000. That’s your economy-end sex slave. China Dolls (that is, abductees from China) are the popular model. That’s the GM Saturn or Toyota Prius of sex slaves. They go for $10K.**

A white-skinned girl from Europe or the United States? Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars. $25,000. That’s what you get for your sex-tourist hubby to show you truly love him. Or something.

Most white girls are abducted from tourists who bring their children into exotic places and stray from the beaten path. Slavers actually have scouts who acquire, track and stalk the pretty ones to search for clues how to separate them from their parents. But the coolest of the cool (among slavers) actually work in Europe and the US. Very few will stranger-danger your well-minded toddler, but they can sniff out neglect victims from a country mile. Find out if she needs more excitement and adventure in her lonely life, and she’s leaving home (bye bye). Runaways are easier pickings, but are often old enough, or messed-up enough to warrant a discount. About 300,000 per year in the US vanish, but also a whole lot of trafficked slaves are imported into the US, so maybe it all balances out in the wash.

And still most trafficked girls are (by an order of magnitude) Chinese, then Cambodian.

Fortunately, non-white girls do count to the several rescue activist groups that try to contact such slaves to offer them refuge. It’s tricky. The typical fetter is a substantial Heroin addiction, which the poor girl will have to dry out of once she’s freed. Also there’s a matter of trust, since a rescue buddy may be a trap or a rival brothel. Still, given the life of a human sex object is the suckiest of the suckiest, it’s a risk often worth taking. A sex slave averages a lifespan of seven years in captivity. A rescued sex slave is probably going to live longer.

So yeah. Some additional fun notes:

~ This is what a real child-welfare issue looks like. When you hear someone wanting you to pass some stupid rights-compromising law to protect the children (e.g. ban crypto because terrorists and child porn!), remember that there some oh-so-much-bigger ways that we can improve the welfare of our kids and we don’t.

~ Every place above where I talked about little girls, read: A whole lot of girls and a few boys. Because some people in the slave market and sex tourism market like little boys.

~ Did your parents threaten to send you to the Gypsies (or to the circus or to the carnies or whatever traveling roamer-types came about that allegedly bought children)? If you were pretty, you’d end up in sex slavery. If you were too old and not pretty, you could instead end up in hard labor. Slavery for the rest of us. It’s one of those things like Ring Around the Rosie where it seems innocent until you learn the horrible grown-up truth. Boy for sale!

~ Malaysia is both slave central and the great world sex-with-children fair and buffet. If the Trafficking-In-Persons report (TIP) had a four ranking they’d give it to Malaysia. Instead it got a three, but a really extra-stinky three. UNTIL some really big players who wanted to get the Trans-Pacific Partnership to pass (which it will in February 2016 unless people do something!) Fast-track TPP is a no-threes-club. For this purpose, they magically glinged Malaysia’s TIP ranking back to two. Gling!

~ This really isn’t a new thing. In fact what is new is that now people care that there are guys out there who like to patty-cake with little girls. Throughout most of the twentieth century, it was pretty much okay to play reindeer games with little girls so long as you married them first. Yes, we cared less that fun-and-games were going on than that it was licensed fun and games. (Then again, look at the gay marriage debacle: we still do.) Only in the 1990s (after the Satanic Ritual Abuse scare and the hypnotic-memory-recovery scare, both of which were bunk) did all of the United States finally freak out enough to close that loophole (and with the right family judge you can still marry yourself a single-digit-bride). This isn’t even to say child marriage isn’t going on in the US to this day, only that it’s now frowned upon. Then, we like to frown at Islam for still marrying grown men to nine-year-olds. They haven’t gotten the memo yet, those bastards. But yeah, we were issuing tiddlywink licenses here in the US not very long ago.

~ Remember the runaways I mentioned? Yeah. If you’re a little girl, the poorer you are, the more likely you’ll get your Golden Ticket to the Land of Toys. Also, if you’re a nation and you have a lot of poor people and no work, or crap work, expect big swaths of your population to go into sex work, often against their will. Did anyone else notice the surge of Russian porn starlets about ten years after the USSR collapse? Talk about white slavery…

* Slavers can be any color, which becomes pretty moot once they’re slavers, much like mercenaries, maritime pirates and arms dealers.

** My data may be a few years out of date. This stuff changes all the time, and now that Malaysia got a free humanity-rating boost thanks to the TPP boost, it’s certainly not going to slow down.

Edit: for style. And a more homogeneous acerbic blend. And typos.


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