Oops, I Did It Again.

In this case, it was a combination of having too much to do today (manage a repair guy from the building management company in the morning, print up more rent-board files, go to therapy, change the bed sheets, do laundry, pack away chicken soup) but ultimately I ran out of time to write.

It also didn’t help that my current essay, what was meant to be light and easy (and even gushing about a game) triggered an epiphany which I now need to figure out how to express, and where it fits in with the rest of my essay.

And my sweetheart will be here tomorrow and Sunday. Usually I try to keep things light while she’s here, as much good as that does me.

Eh. Yesterday’s post finished a train of thought from early December. So it’s not like I already have a record of completing my thoughts in short order.

Stay tuned.


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