Borderlands: Geishabots

In Borderlands TPS Moxxi owns Sereena the Geishabot. We never see Sereena, but we know that Sereena is owned by Moxxi. Meriff Huxter T. Meredith has been taking liberties with using Sereena for physical services (that is, sex), which Moxxi doesn’t like and is illegal without an Interorganic Fraternization License (and makes CU5TM-TP who regards Sereena as his girlfriend, jealous).

So when Sereena says You know that’s not what geishabots are programmed for. this raised a question: Do geishas have sex with their clients?

Here on Earth, the answer is yes. (They did.) And no (They don’t.) And yes. (Some prostitutes call themselves geishas without being geishas and they do.) And maybe. (Some might.)

Before the 20th century, geishas were clanned all-purpose entertainers for men, and among their many services included being sexual partners for their clients. Feudal Japan didn’t have the Judeo-Christian sexual taboos that pervade western culture.

Japan also had a severely gender-regimented male-dominated society. This meant that men could keep (or hire) courtesans and concubines without stigma, and those women so involved weren’t disregarded for their promiscuity.

Geisha society did (does) have some of the human rights problems commonly associated with prostitution: A geisha’s virginity was commonly auctioned off. Geishas often weren’t able to refuse a client. They didn’t get to keep the money they earned. (In comparison A Feudal European knight gets to shag any peasant girl on his land, any time he wants, with no repercussions. And he could, if dissatisfied, run the poor girl through. — he probably wouldn’t kill her, because most knights are human beings not sociopaths, and peasant girls are valuable even if they’re not good lays. — but he had every right to, and if he did would suffer only a stern talking to by the local priest.)

The same culture that drove Samurai to be Renaissance men (that is, to practice art and academics alongside their martial skills) drove geishas to also practice arts and academics alongside their entertainment skills. Of course, some specialized to a degree, a virtuoso musician might be hired for her music-playing skills. Academic smartie geishas would be tapped for their knowledge. And sexy geishas would be hired for sex.

Then WWII happened. And Japan lost. And the American GIs came over. With money.

In Europe, the sentiment for US soldiers was Overpaid, Oversexed, Over here.

So during the occupation, all the geishas were employed full time to boff GIs. Because screw poetry and wit and music, solders were all about girls with girl bits. (The oversexed bit probably comes from being in a culture that pushes monogamy and chastity right before Uncle Sam sends them off to war in a whole different country across an ocean. Meanwhile Jody is banging their wives at home.) Incidentally, plenty of GIs also fell in love in Japan and got married, because humans do that. Still, a bunch of well-paid, sex-starved American soldiers were in Japan.

Market forces prevailed. Countless other Geisha-houses opened, so named not because they housed actual fully-trained geishas but because that’s the term American soldiers identified with Japanese brothels. It was kinda like the Kung Fu era in the 70s, when the TV Show turned every martial arts dojo in the US into a Kung Fu dojo.

The original geisha clans got very annoyed. They were artists! They were scholars! They were rock stars! And now any young girl in a brothel was a geisha. Impostors the lot of them!

So the geisha clans stopped offering sexual services to differentiate themselves from common brothels, to distinguish trained geishas from modern hookers. And so geisha sexual services came off the menu. But there are so many other things we can do for you!

And then, if a Geisha particularly likes a client, well, things can get confusingly gray. Many shades of it, I hear.

So yeah, geishas once entertained including sex. And now geishas entertain excluding sex to differentiate themselves from common geishas that only offer sex. But sometimes a geisha might have sex with someone she likes and even using secret geisha sex techniques, but she’s probably off duty at the time, even if the partner is sometimes a paying client. Gray!

As for Sereena the Geishabot, she may not be properly equipped for coitus (which has never slowed a gay couple down, so why should it slow a geishabot?) and her claim that that’s not what geishabots are programmed for. May be due either to geishabot traditions or to geishabot regulations, say to reduce the danger of interorganic fraternization without a license or because Moxxi is too prudish to let her geishabot engage in physical services because Moxxi only likes sex when she’s personally involved.

While I can’t speak to the Meriff’s lack of Interorganic Fraternization License or why one might be necessary, I do suspect that Sereena is better equipped to provide him with physical relief than much of the human population of Concordia. The Honorable Meredith, an overindulgent white guy with political power and swimming in Dahl money smacks to me too closely to the stereotypical sexual tourist here on Earth, and I suspect there are plenty of young women (even as young as Tina) who are broke and starved on Elpis and would eagerly do just about anything for a bit of the Meriff’s sweet, sweet lucre.

We do know is that Miss Sereena already engaged in physical services with Meriff Meredith despite her lack of programming and was good enough that he was asking for more. So Sereena was certainly a collaborator in this unlicensed interorganic fraternization. A girlbot’s gotta do what a girlbot’s gotta do.


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