Our New Insect Overlords

It happens sometimes, I write about things, and then get too angry to write coherently. My piece today ended up to be two parts, less related than I thought.

I’m also angry at the Trans-Pacific Partnership getting signed. Among the many terrible things it does, it will give corporations supremacy over nations, so a nation that doesn’t want so much mercury in their fish or for cigarettes to not be sold to children can be sued for trade obstruction.

And that we little people have no power to stop it, because corporate money is more important to our representatives than what is good for the constituency. Both my senators and my representative are all riding the big corporate pony, so if TPP ratification is defeated, it will be no thanks to them.

The usual activist groups are mobilizing, but I don’t see anything that looks like the SOPA blackout, even though this is going to maim internet freedoms the way SOPA would have.

So I’m a whole lot of sad today. And I can’t write about anything without being really angry and ranty.

Tomorrow, maybe.


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