Bunnies in Terraria serve an important purpose. Notably, they can be captured, and cannot be crafted (except into a bunny cage, a domesticated bunny). They cannot be cooked. More recent iterations of Terraria also include squirrels, but bunnies were around from nearly the beginning. And they can die.

Bunny death is an early terraria moment and it comes in two flavors:

~ Monster-eats-bunny moment, usually when a slime bumps against a bunny who promptly explodes, and you think HOLY NERTHA‘S PAINTED TOENAILS! This ecology has dangerous animals! Soon you learn that the slime horde is coming for you! But slimes feature delicious gel with is also flammable and used to make all sorts of fire and home-lighting products!

~ Accidental bunny-death moment. You just got your first shurikin or bow or throwing knives or snowballs, toss out a tester and it accidentally collides with a bunny, who promptly explodes. And you think GENTLE ANNIE‘S TASTY CHEESE AND CRUMPETS my actions have consequences! Horrible, horrible consequences! Poor bunny. Then you realize that bunnies spawn a lot and it’s really too bad you can’t make them into a stew, and a good thing they don’t eat the grass, because they’d eat all the grass.

Terraria issues monster banners (They used to drop. Now they appear in your inventory.) for every 50th of a type killed, including bunnies. And each time it gives a notice of how many bunnies have died. (You will end up with a lot of slime banners — which are rather pretty — in many different colors.)

There should be bunnies in Far Cry 2. Not literal bunnies* but refugees. We see a few of them at the beginning of the game during a non-interactive sequence, but after that it’s all bad-guys.

Refugees wouldn’t have to do much, just be found along side of a road, preferably moving towards a common direction, and die when they get hit by bullets or ignited. The total refugee deaths would be accounted for on the statistics page. It would be nice, but unnecessary for them to:

~ Go to ground if they hear gunfire.

~ Or hurry their pace…slightly.

~ If lit afire, stop drop and roll before expiring.

~ If one of theirs falls, grieve (face the victim and drop to his or her knees and wail).

Considering they could plausibly be too exhausted to care, trudging without breaking step would be fine.

This would serve as a reminder that the war isn’t about the mercenaries but the people that are displaced for want of government stability. In a real failed African state, there would be way more of them than the mercenaries, and that it’s only the threat of violence that keeps the focus on the guys with guns. Ultimately it’s the lives… or deaths… of the refugees that matter.

And players can be proud that they didn’t kill too many refugees, or ashamed that they did. Or vice versa once they’ve gone far enough down Conrad’s river. The river doesn’t care either way.

Not that the bunnies are what matter in Terraria. They’re just bunnies.

* There are games now that have extensive wildlife which adds to the environment. Far Cry 2 has zebras, wildebeest, gazelle, buffalo, impala, and gemsbokre, as well as domestic chickens and goats.


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