Dizzy and Queasy

Those were my two minions today, albeit usually their combined symptoms usually are indicative of something horrible (such as food poisoning), today I think they were separate and from separate conditions.

According to my neurologist, crud (the technical term for not-useful solid stuff) gets in my vestibular system (the balancing parts of the inner ear). There’s not much for it except some exercises where I dangle my head off the side of a bed and slowly roll it from one side to the other.

Then something I ate (possibly a greasy cheesesteak sandwiche on Sunday) hasn’t agreed with me, though because my gut aching was once a symptom of appendicitis (which ended in surgery and two weeks on nuclear antibiotics), I’m a bit paranoid from upset I can feel.

So tomorrow, I’ll talk about things other than my health and my two minions.


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