Processing Error

I figured I’d write a thing on Emoji (the little pictographs we now can send via chat / text / whatever) so I started doing some research on their unicode versions, only my tablet has an Emoji for a cup of coffee (it looks like a latte) and another one for another hot beverage.

The Unicode charts show the other beverage as TEACUP WITHOUT HANDLE but the latte is nowhere to be found.

And I’ve been obsessing on it for a couple of hours now. And now I’m freaked out because my world is being inconsistent and I have no means to right it.

Sometimes this happens to me. I’m sure that it’s there. I’m sure that there’s a way to determine the Unicode value for the latte. (It’s right between the Teacup, U+1F375 or 🍵 and the Sake bottle, U+1F376 or 🍶)

Right now I can’t remember the whole number between **375 and **376 which creates something of a existential crisis, so now my brain must shut down for a while.

I’ll try again tomorrow.


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