Complicated Relationships

I’m spending the night tonight at my sweetheart’s and there’s been a lot of drama. Fortunately, nothing contentious between she and I, and much of it is of the sort that every family has to sort out sooner or later (children growing up and leaving the proverbial nest).

My writing topic tonight was my recent adventures with Microsoft and their Get Windows Ten! desktop tray icon which I removed with great effort once. Now it’s back again, and Microsoft is beginning to feel like a stalkery ex after we recently broke up. No sweetie. It’s not you, it’s me. I just don’t believe in my heart that I can live up to your new terms (of service).

Fortunately Ultimate Outsider made a control panel to detect and eliminate all the Windows 10 adverts and materials on my computer. I do get a bit of a schadenfreudean rush when Microsoft adds layers of user-tedium and corporate jackassery but then nice engineers veto that crap right out.

After today’s personal drama, the whole ordeal with Microsoft feels trivial.

It’s been a long day.

Update: So the update that reinstalled the get-win-10 tray icon, kb3035583 has been misbehaving.

Update 2016-03-23: kb3035583 resurfaced again in my list of important updates. I used the hide update feature. We’ll see if it resurfaces yet again.


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