Still dog sad.

Last night I wrote to a couple of out of state bully-breed rescue non-profits, explaining at length Hercules’ plight and suggesting if they can work a miracle, now is the time.

The response was the same in both regards. Have you tried calling a local shelter? Um…so you didn’t read what I wrote? Yes. Every one that had a listing we could find, we called them.

I know that Hercules is a bottom-of-the-barrel adoptee. No one is going to want him except maybe as a challenge. But if they want an easy dog, he’s totally not it.

(For a moment, I think of Allie Brosh and Hyperbole and a Half and her experience of getting the Helper Dog. Allie called up a shelter and said give me the hardest-to-adopt dog on your list. Though her personal experiences with the Helper Dog sound worse than if she got Hercules, they would probably have the same ranking.)

To be fair to these guys, Hercules is a way-too-common outcome. People get big dogs because dogs are cool and big dogs are especially so. Then:

~ They don’t neuter the dog thinking I wouldn’t want that done to me.

~ They don’t train or often even adequately engage the dog so the poor beastie is neglected and starved for attention and crazy excitable.

~ When they move to a no-pets place they just surrender the dog to the pound (who are required by law to take surrenders) or they leave them by the side of the highway.

This happens all the fucking time and apparently shelters see it and hate it and can’t do anything about it.

Not liking people tonight.


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