Dog Gone

🐶 As I noted last Friday, Hercules was due for a neutering appointment which he missed. He vanished from his yard soon after with no notice as to where he went.

The shelter situation for Hercules was completely secured. Calls were made. Favors called. Arrangements arranged. A no-kill shelter in Sacramento was ready to take him after the operation. But Herc’s owner — the guy who abandoned him to starve in a backyard — objected to him getting his nads snipped. Evidently he still does.

The neuter-adverse owner took Hercules soon after the missed appointment, and off he went. Rumor has it Hercules is once again stuck in someone’s back yard, just a different one. I assume, then, he’s getting fed, but not getting walked or engaged or cared for, since that’s what happened in this yard.

But for a dude’s attachment to dog testicles — more than the attachment he’s shown for the dog himself — Hercules could have been in a place that would actually feed and care for him. But now, instead, he’s back to square one.

For Herc’s intermediary caregivers, I was able to move the proverbial ball(s), but for Herc himself, I feel like I’ve done nothing. But he is now beyond my reach and on to fates I will probably not learn. I keep pessimistic hope.

Farewell, Hercules. May you find your belonging-place yet.

And when they’ve given you their all
Some stagger and fall after all it’s not easy
Banging your heart against some mad bugger’s

The Dog Saga, Prior Notifications
🐶 Hercules leaves the yard.
🐶 Hercules has a plan.
🐶 Hercules’ prior owner takes action.
🐶 Hercules is a typical abandonment story. Fuck..
🐶 Hercules Stuck in his yard..


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