🛠 Blog Maintenance: My blog has gotten long enough that I’ve needed to start making development indices which gives me some further options (e.g. posting indices when I notice a common subject). Some of this may be redundant. Id est, I don’t have a clue what to do with keywords, and the utilities to keep them consistent between posts are scanty at best. I guess my point is I did work that won’t be immediately seen.

So, of course I have to say something about Brussels.

Today it will be the stuff I said before. We should really mellow out, no matter how much we thirst for revenge. I get the rage. I get the fear. And yes, this should be treated as a heinous crime. But treating it as a political crime is giving the Islamic State more credit than it deserves.

Here in the United States, we have entire proverbial warehouses of proverbial hammers, so everything looks like a nail, but we declared a war on terror and it’s gotten us into a police state where we torture and massacre civilians and where our own civilians are treated by the state and the police as the enemy.

And yeah, our officials and our industries want it bad and the Islamic State wants the legitimacy. So both of them are going to play the OMG TERROR to the max.

Don’t fall for it! Look what happened to the US! Save yourselves!


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