I slept all day.

Wow. wordpress just forgot what I wrote again.

This is fucking creepy, wordpress. This is why I don’t like writing directly in your word processor. Who knows when you’re working and when you’re not.

Thankfully I hadn’t written much, but it still changes my mood. My society already expects me to be extremely vigilant on so many other things (in fact, business models commonly capitalize on the lack of vigilance of their marks) that I don’t need yet another thing to watch out for. And considering that the publisher of my operating system continues to stalk me (this week!) over not upgrading to Windows 10, my patience for bullshit from software companies I depend on is thin.

I slept all day. My mood was much lighter just five minutes ago before wordpress failed to save my entry then refused to publish it. Maybe it’s related to why I’m sleeping so much.



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