The player keeps a dossier on each of the women in Huniepop (2015):

Full Name
Cupsize (yes, seriously)
Preferred Hangout
Favorite Color
Favorite Season

The details you get for free (without asking someone through the question interface) are

Preferred Gifts
Preferred Food
Preferred Booze
How much booze gets her drunk

Yeah, this is totally a surveillance game.

It better be. If it’s not then it’s totally a stalker game.

Oddly, the culture in HuniePop is such that women freely give out these stats to potential suitors, and then will sometimes check to see if the player remembered them, and this goes even for those traits they’d rather were forgotten. Only once — by the well-traveled airline stewardess — was I advised that asking a woman’s age or weight is impolite. Maybe that’s a twentieth century thing. Or an America thing.

There’s also a lot of boob envy. B-cup and C-cup girls were conspicuously insecure about their endowments.

Oddly I was necessary to ask even when the answer was obvious. Said airline stewardess sent me a photo of her on duty in full uniform. Another woman sent a picture of her in full yoga pose at the class she instructed. The local barista was serving someone when I first met her. In all these cases their occupation field was left blank until I specifically asked.

No, I’m not a police officer ma’am. Nor an agent for any government department. I just have this blank data field that wants to be unblanked.

When not quizzing me about the details they’ve told you already (taking offense if I get their height wrong by two inches) the women of HuniePop are asking me character questions, the sorts of things it would be good to know about someone when considering them for a partner.

But I’m not looking for a partner, I’m looking to get her in the sack by any means. Play railroad games. Race submarines. Bootstrap her floppies.

To win this game, I lie. Like a sleeping dog. Like a rug. Like an executive department director getting deposed by the US Senate.

As would be expected, the answers that some women like, others don’t. Thus, to get the most points, I’m contradicting prior statements.

I tell nerdy-girl Nikki I’m a staunch liberal. I tell Professor Aiko I’m apolitical.
I tell Nikki I believe in UFOs. I tell cheerleader Tiffany I’m skeptical.
I tell Tiffany that I’m still friends with some exes. I tell sassy bad-girl Audrey I stay away from them.
I tell Audrey I want her shaved. I tell spiritual-girl Beli I want her fuzzy.

And this belies the super-creepy nature of the game.* If we are dishonest to our dates about who we are, we have to sustain that dishonesty throughout the relationship, or deal with that dishonesty later. In my own relationship experience I worked out truthfulness was the best policy. It was easier to find partners who liked me as I was when relaxed than it was to keep up appearances for each booty call.**

By regarding these women as targets to be seduced, rather than human beings to be engaged, the game paints a picture of women as objects to be sexually exploited. In my previous interpretation I chose to interpret this as a covert investigation, where the women were suspects, or connected. It gave a more palatable (if still dubious) pretense that interests of national security might be more important than the rights and respect due to a given individual.

Dehumanizing a person may be necessary in times of war or as a tool of spycraft. But turning a human being into a set of stats and opinions and correct answers to exploit just so that I can gratify my own sexual needs just makes me into a cad and an asshole.

* Correction, this belies one super-creepy aspect of the game. There are a few others that I may talk about later.

** I hear rumors that singles commonly pretend to be who they aren’t when engaging new prospects, and this is to be expected in dating sectors. This makes some sense given our current economic survivalist culture: we are expected to work to survive even when the employee market is severely impacted. Thus in this market we build résumés and cover letters and coach ourselves with correct interview answers in order to secure gainful employment. It might seem to naturally follow that the same is necessary and expected in the singles market as well, especially for young people who feel compelled to mate. Perhaps it is no wonder that dialog by and from our representatives and officials are about least least untruthful answers and plausible deniability. Ours has become a society of allegedly necessary lies.

Edits: Style and grammar


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