Lack of focus

A couple…no, three… no, four ideas buzzed around my head like a swarm of midges, each one lingering in front of me just long enough to give me hope and jot some words down before it before zinged out of my peripheral vision and another idea buzzed my face.

I wrote a few words here and a few words there. But nothing I could grasp onto for more than a thought or two.

Here’s a tidbit:

Nikki, the nerdy girl in Huniepop (2015) is into the paranormal, particularly UFO lore. She wants to hear that you’re at least willing to consider extra terrestrial life.

So later in the game Kyu gives you an otherworldly thingamajig that you use to find Celeste. So of course I went and gave the thingamajig to Nikki. Nikki you were right! It’s a bona fide alien artifact! Evidence that not only are they out there but we’ve been visited! They’re here!

And she poopoos it with her incorrect gift response.

WTF developers? This was a no-brainer!

Problem Machine (New website! Woo!) suggests this should have totally been a gateway to the elusive Frog Fractions 2 (Wikipedia article of the original Frog Fractions. Worth playing!)

It should have been something, even if Nikki just said Wow! This is amazing! Um…thank you. Do you know why it hums? Oh wait…it’s moving in my hand! Here. You take it. Keep it for me.

Why did this not happen, devs? Why?


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