Bravo Alfa Romeo, Part 1

You are Sergeant Fox Four. You are a volunteer participant in the GAIUS project.◆◆◆ Yes, we’ve tweaked with your genes and your inner workings and your brain to make you all that you can be.

You’re a genetically-engineered super-solder. True-blue Captain America. An army of one. This is your story.

👥 Behind the Scenes: This is another one of my crazy unreliable-narrator first-person ideas. Games have been crazy with super-soldiers the way they’ve been crazy with amnesia. Like amnesia, super-soldering is a useful plot device, in this case justifying why a player-character is so super badass. Super-soldiers deserves some real love (where, in this case real love = deconstruction.)

Yesterday I talked about borrowing a device Zoë Quinn used. And then I got all sad about corporations and litigation and copyright bullying of fanfilms. Well, that part is coming up (Zoë’s device, not the fanfilm sadness).

Part One: Knowing when to STFU.

Good to see you, sergeant. I’m sorry for the morning flight.

Sophie’s graduating next week. She’ll be disappointed I won’t show.
I don’t recognize these insignias. Is this base a special division?
The flight was fine, sir.

The Betas were deployed first in Operation: Arab Tempest back in 2022. You guys kicked some ass! This is your chance to bring back the former glory of the program. To show Washington you still got it where it counts.

With all due respect, sir, I wouldn’t call Iran a former glory.
These guys are all in strange uniforms. I can’t figure out what section this is. Is it even Army?
I serve at the pleasure of my country, sir. I look forward to doing you proud, sir.

After Arab Tempest in ’23 Betas were redeployed in South America to assist in restoring civility to infected regions. You served in that campaign, yes?

Nicaragua, sir. Didn’t most of the Betas get massacred in Mexico, sir?
Nicaragua, sir. I never figured out what we were doing there, sir.
Nicaragua, sir. Was glad to serve my country, sir.

Very well. After that, the program stood down, which is why you were recalled and stationed to Natick. We’d been trying to get it reinstated ever since. I’m sorry you’ve had to sit on your ass for — what’s it been — four years.

Holy shit, sir! I just figured out you’re one of those PR-corps goldbrickers that’s never left the states.
You guys are sending me on another suicide mission, again, right, sir?
Me too, sir. I look forward to serve my country, once again, sir.

Colonel Shumer will brief you at the office at Oh-six-hundred. Good luck, soldier!

👥 As an afterthought, I think the alternative texts would fit in better if there were actually choices to be made e.g. Maybe I should stop by Wilkes in supply before I realized that no, when dealing with brass, all they want to hear is Sir, yes, sir.

◆◆◆ Genetically Altered Infantry of the United States. Your full name is Foxtrot Uniform Beta-Four. Acronyms are fun!


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