April isn’t as conducive to clever titles as March (e.g. March On!). It took me an extra month to make observations and come to making decisions about the blog. Unlike March (the month of Mars) we’re less sure about why we call it April. It was Aprillis before, but why?

Aprillis may be from the Greek ánoixis meaning spring or to open (i.e. so the time when all the flowers open). Or, it could be a simplification of Aphrillis, the month of Aphrodite. Indeed, Veneralia (The festival to Venus) starts the first day of April. It was also Newyears. Later on, the year was adjusted to start on Ianuary 1st, and progressive young calendarians would mock and prank old timey calendarians who refused to change their ways, and the tradition of April Fools Day was begun.

Not that young people really needed an excuse to mock old people.

New Years Resolution: Take More Breaks

More precisely, I’m going to schedule breaks I seem to be taking anyway (cat days) and see if this helps me require fewer unscheduled cat days.

Like every restaurant in the universe, I seem to have rushes and lulls. Sometimes, I’m compelled to write about things and sometimes even my list-of-things-to-write-about-when-I-don’t-want-to-write are unmotivating. I’m just blah and not the good Bella Lugosi vampire sort of blah.

I hear this happens to all of us. At this point there’s a distinct pattern of my posting complete pieces for a couple days and then not. And this is based on what I feel is complete at the time of posting (or not and posting a cat). But some of my posts when felt incomplete would turn out to be fairly sound in retrospect. In extreme examples, I just didn’t make the point I wanted to make (like here) or didn’t polish the essay to read smoothly (like what happened here).

The first part is acknowledging patterns: I’m pretty much non-writey from Friday to Monday on sweetheart weekends (those weekends in which said sweetheart is in town.) I’m plenty distracted. On Friday, it’s anxiety and getting prepared. On Monday, it’s exhaustion that comes from transitioning from a solitary person to a couple and back again. In between, well, there’s a really lovable, really hot, really amazing other person in my space, and that’s kinda distracting. Distracting meaning I’d totally snu-snu myself to death-by-exhaustion-and-crushed-pelvis with this person if my body didn’t have safety mechanisms to stop that from happening.

For me, sexy times happen in a totally different mindset than being thinky and writey, so sweetheart-in-the-house gives rise to a conflict of interest.

Also, I’ve been advised that having an official weekend day can also provide that extra day to clarify thoughts, write on or plan longer projects, and so on.

So here’s the plan: I’m going to take every Friday off. On non-Sweetheart weekends, that’s a day to organize, pre-write, fuck off but not post (any more than a cat post. I’ll still post a cat). And then on Sweetheart weekends, I’ll deprioritize Saturday, Sunday and Monday. So any work I get done may get me ahead in the game or work on big posts or whatever, but mostly it’ll leave be free to do analog AFK stuff.

Let’s find out if I become more or less prolific with this schedule.


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