No change. Nothing.

So I realized my CPU cooler fans were pushing air into the case which is less efficient than them pushing outward. I djsassembled the array and OH GOD THE HORROR a thick blanket of dust had been compressed in the cooling unit between the fans. With some bleaching, spinning and weaving, one could turn it into a textile. Hopefully, its absence will improve the system’s cooling efficiency enough that it doesn’t keep overheating. Also I’ll need to schedule semi-annual tune-ups where I clean it out again.

In the meantime I’m finding that my repair gear is absent or scattered and this is demoralizing me. I don’t have a multimeter anymore to test the integrity of the power switch. I don’t have a working system speaker (it’s a little diagnostic speaker that is never used except when the computer is broken) so I can’t hear if the mother board is signaling me that something is very very wrong, or, more importantly, not beeping at me, which is a signal that something nonspecific is very wrong.

So I resorted to the usual last recourse of troubleshooting tech gurus: going online. In this case I’m doing searches for other troubleshooting incidents with this model motherboard (Sabertooth 990x) and the key-phrases standby light and no POST (Power-On-Self-Test). I’m looking for prior incidents of the same symptoms.

Unfortunately, all of them are by techs putting a system together for the first time, so it’s typically an improperly seated component.

Rarely, it’s a motherboard failure, in which the only recourse is replacement. Please no.

So, I’m demoralized. One impulse is to go out and find a mini system speaker and a multimeter and rule out the next step.

The other impulse is to muster the courage to go forth with the next step: taking the system completely apart and seeing if the naked motherboard will power. If not, it’s shot and I’m going into debt replacing it.

Please, no.

I’m still hoping my power switch failed, and for some reason the reset switch doesn’t suffice.

Depression time. Gonna eat and nap and muster my strength.


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