Hoarder’s Lament

So I disconnected the computer, and moved it over to my clean desk wing. I started to reroute cables to supply power, video, etc. and OHMEGEE there’s so much crud here!. I’d been keeping the computer on a riser, the kind usually to elevate a monitor, and undeneath has been the place where stuff gets pushed back and accumulated into a special kind of industrial compost.

So many bottlecaps and receipts and prescription labels. Those are less distressing than the perfectly goods, the countless little pieces of perflectly good stuff: USB cables, phone chargers, rubber feet, bottles of dental candy, countless adapter cables to turn one kind of output into another kind of input… the list goes on and on, and the problem is sooner or later I will need some of these things, and having a box full of spares can save one $3 to $30 when that need arises.

If I was a home improvement kinda guy, I’d get a big workshop chest of drawers or a collector case and categorize each thing. I’ve done this before with pride only to lose the container (and all the stuff) during a move. I suspect one of my tidy collections was actually stolen, an incident about which I’m more amused than offended.

Then there was the unknown sticky stuff underneath it all stuck to the desk. Probably an amalgam of domestic residues and dust, but EW!. A dish sponge got demoted to grunge sponge in the process of its removal.

On the other hand I have much more desk and a storage box full of perfectly goods. But I’m tired right now and terrified of what’s wrong with my computer, and dread the potential of a trip downtown and an expensive replacement.

The most likely scenario from here is neither of those, followed by a trip downtown and a cheap replacement. Still, it may mean not having a computer and only having android devices into tomorrow.

Well, the faster I get on it, the faster I’m up and running again. Once more into the breach, my friends.


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