And, Eureka!

The new power supply started right up. Yay!

Older and less obsessive, than… well, than my younger, more obsessive days, I’ll wait until tomorrow to put it all together again. I’ll have to start with removing the old power supply and installing the new one in the case. Everything else should fit back into place without further difficulty.

As for the power supply I used, I’ll have to replace it. It’s $75 currently at Amazon, so…about at the high-end of what I expected for a typical computer crisis. On the other hand, I think my last power supply may still be under warranty, and that one is in the same ranking as this one (e.g. enough juice to run three business-class computers). So if I can get it replaced, that would be swell and serve my roommate’s needs fine (e.g. power her system and a ridiculous high-end video card).

The thing is, the power supply is probably not that broken. I expect it’s a failure of the power-on mechanism, and not a burned-out fan or transister. In a more post-apocalyptic age where we didn’t care about breaching warranties or terms of service, it would probably be an easy fix with an hour and a soldering iron. This may end up refurbished to serve for a few more years.

Anyhow, to bed with a mind at (more) ease. If I can manage decent rest in this crazy April heat.

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