Hail to Archimedes

At the moment I’m yearning for my younger years when my obsession Game withdrawal onset! Need my binky! MUST FIX COMPUTER would compel me into the wee hours, or even the late afternoon hours of the next day to get it up and running again, or at least find the problem that requires a trip to a store.

Washing dishes (an activity during which many of my inspirations come) I had an epiphany that my power supply might be the problem, and I can test this because my roommate’s new Christmas power supply hasn’t been installed yet. (It’s a long story.) I’m borrowing hers to test. Borrowing to own and replace if it works.

As of now, I’ve done the first half of this effort, detaching the cyber-squid- (vs. Laser-Shark!) -like power unit inside the case from the mother board and components. Now I need to break out the new one and hook it up.

And if this works I can shout eureka! and dance naked through the hallway. I’m already pretty naked, given it’s 82° in my room. In April.

Alright. I’m going to try it. I’m not committed to piecing everything together after I’m done until tomorrow because it’s late. But if it works I can sleep easy tonight.


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