Another part

Yesterday’s tale about the Devil isn’t over, but I seem to be on this run with big pieces. Not necessarily big as per word count (As a NaNo veteran, I think of a thousand words as not-really-very-much), but certainly involving a lot of research and editing and arrangement and the countless names and titles of Ol’ Satan.

This one’s tricky because there’s quite a bit of humor interlaced with quite a lot of ranty stuff. (That is, topics about which I could easily rant and rage and cry about all day.) It’s a mix that feels risky to me and I’m still trying to weave it elegantly.

I have to take ranty stuff slowly lest my brain overheats. I haven’t been able to finish it yet, and probably will bring it tomorrow when I go to my writing group and — barring untoward circumstances — publish it tomorrow.

I’d be okay with an every-other-day schedule if my pieces were consistently solid. A goal worth striving for.


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