At it again.

Saints Row 3 and 4 are doing something for me right now. Partially because I have a good friend to play it with.

There’s a bit of frustration since SR4 likes to crash my graphics card driver, but mostly we’ve just been having lots of fun.

I’m still trying to figure out how to write my next piece without getting too outraged about it. Writing about ragey issues (such as those I discussed yesterday) are hard on the feelings. Also frustrating.

Perhaps yesterday’s post explains, somewhat, why I was so happy to flake on writing today and instead binge on gaming with a friend. Though this is an activity, like ice cream or petting cats that doesn’t really require justification. It’s much the same phenomenon as young geeks with new lovers who disappear from their regular hangouts and crews while they honeymoon.

Tomorrow is my official break-day, and then I am spending Saturday in Vacaville with my sweetheart and and then get face time with Problem Machine in Emeryville. It’s an exciting weekend all around. Expect much in the way of cat-posts.

Microsoft is stalking me once again trying to pressure me to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Update kb3035583 unhid itself once again in an effort to reinstall GWX along with update kb3150513 (additional software to push Windows 10 ads towards the user). The GWX control panel that I discussed before has gained popularity as the go-to means to keep your windows operating system from inadvertently upgrading to Windows 10 (which sometimes happens to systems left unattended for too long).

Microsoft really wants me to switch over to Linux, I guess, since they’re only making me more suspicious of Windows 10. (Its terms-of-service have not changed which state Microsoft’s intention to monitor files and key-logs all they want, sell that data to whoever they want, and report whoever they want to law-enforcement for any reason they want.)

If I didn’t expect it to take two weeks of work, I would switch to Mint immediately.


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