Special Pleading

Windows update kb3150513 unhid itself again today.

I was triggered by this article regarding how many people jumped in this woman’s shit about her choosing to not have children. I’m so tempted right now to tirade about our 7.2 billion world population (420 million in the US), our failing schools, our failing child welfare systems (the United States hates, hates, hates children and their parents) and the 82% of single mothers and their children who are locked into poverty (contrast about 40% of childless women). I’m wondering if this is yet another facet of slut shaming, or presupposing that the only function women are supposed to have in society is as breeding mares.

And I got into a fight about it with my sweetheart, because the article struck some issues close to (our) home.

I hate that we set young people up to make life-critical decisions without them being fully informed. It’s a form of deception and hostility and it was done to me and we still do it. I resent my society for letting it happen to me. I resent my society when I still see it doing it to other people.

Having children should be opt-in only, and in our society they’re opt-out at best with many activists wanting even to take away any option because they’re squicked by non-reproductive sex. But while every zygote is sacred (having cited religious reasons to obstruct abortion access and birth-control access), the unborn cease to be so hallowed once actually children, so we don’t actually provide for our poverty-stricken, malnutritioned, under-educated over-abused larvae, instead vectoring them into social cleansing efforts, for-profit prisons and human trafficking.

It’s really, really not a good time to bring new human beings into this world. And it’s fucked up to pressure others to do it.

Really angry right now at this society of cruel apes I have to live in.


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