Still Disgusted

Yesterday I came across a Huffington article about a woman who determined she didn’t want kids at twelve, and finally got her tubes tied at twenty-nine, and got shit about it from everyone, including the doctors.

Pope Francis agrees that childless women are selfish. So…apparently the good pope has affirmed the Church’s established traditional gender order should be respected.

Tell me why I should respect Christian culture again? For any reason other than they’ll gun me down if I don’t? (Even the exceptions are grossly apologetic for their presence.)

Last I checked women were persons of their own accord with their own agency and their own will to make life choices. Is this not the case, America?

Last I checked, women were equals to men or corporations, and did not require the presence of a man or their own progeny for self-fulfillment. Am I wrong?

Are we in some middle ages feudal monarchy where women are serfs to their liege lords? That all this notion in the United States about people being free was bullshit from the beginning?

I mean the internet has sure shown me how many steps we’ve taken back from the notion of social equality. We have preachers denouncing the wall of separation and wanting to massacre non-Christians. Police gun down poor people and crazy people and dark-skinned people and the department of justice presumes people guilty unless they can secure a lawyer in advance. Big corporations own our officials, so we really have no choice but to vote against Joffrey…by voting for Tommen.

We route people into prisons, sometimes literal prisons with neon suits and guards, sometimes prisons of debt and scrip and company stores, sometimes prisons of squalling children and family obligations and an absence of support. Prisons, nonetheless. And we route them there and then we tell everyone they got their on their own agency for making stupid mistakes, ones they couldn’t actually avoid except by walking a razor path. And for these prisons an elite few indulge in a gluttonous existence, pretending they earned their way to their Spa resorts.

I thought we were better than this, America. No, I was taught we were better than this. I was taught lies that my (public) teachers knew were untrue. But they taught me anyway because their superiors ordered them to, or because it’s just accepted that we tell our children that everything will be just fine and we really do live in freedomland.

It’s about the gun. The power of force. There’s no pretense of moral righteousness. We’re not trying to be a more perfect union. We accept the new order because we die if we don’t. And we call the new order fair and just because we die if we don’t. And if they want me to mine rocks or suck cocks, I do because I die if I don’t. And if they want you to make babies, whether they want to fuck them or eat them or send them crawling across minefields you push out babies because they’ll kill you if you don’t.

I’m disappointed and ashamed, America. I thought you were for-real once, a society shining on a hill, a fixer-upper in my time, maybe, but one that might be repaired with effort. Now I see you’re just another piece-of-shit barbarian dictatorship of bullies and crooks. Now I’ve realized you always were one, selling your serfs the promise of rights and freedom and upward mobility the way a confidence man sells a Ponzi scheme

And now I suspect this is the best that the human ape can accomplish before he burns himself out in ecological collapse.

The universe won’t notice or care when the Human species fails. Maybe I shouldn’t either.


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