Off Balance

I posted on my official day off, then I didn’t post yesterday when I was home. This is yesterday’s catpost.

My sweetheart was going to work some and then come over for a (short) sweetheart weekend. But then there’s too much work cleaning out the old place. (The landlord is pressuring her to hurry up so that the place can be shown, so that’s a factor.) Then there’s there’s misbehaving daughters who moved out a while ago, but left stuff and aren’t willing to verbally commit to whether the stuff is abandoned and can be sold, scavenged or dumped.

More accurately, said misbehaving daughter is committing to sorting the stuff herself, and then not following through.

Ren still needs to meet Stimpy (that is chihuahua needs to meet cat), but we decided that it’s too stressy to try to arrange that this weekend. And there’s no place to place Ren anymore for long stays. (It doesn’t help that Ren is not adapting well to the new place and is still piddling everywhere.)

And today might have been a date day. It’s looking like not at this point. Sweetheart is sore and headachey and outraged at her damn kids for doing the kind of damn-kids things that got toddlers drowned in rivers in the old days for being a fairy changeling.

She needs to rest, the kind of rest the precludes boyfriend face time at a BART-friendly venue. And girlfriend worries and tentative schedules have thrown me off my game.


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