Sleepy Sunday

I napped and then napped some more and then napped some more.

The morning was heralded by the whoops and cheers of the Bay to Breakers and a moment of going outside around noon was introduced with loud drunken men (ugh!) and scanty costumes on women (yay!).

Then after coffee I passed out.

And then after lunch I passed out again.

And not quite dinnertime, I realized I wasn’t done passing out from the last time.

There’s a certain kind of loneliness from expecting to be with my Sweetheart and then not, and there was that. Then it was slightly too warm. And I (intentionally) had a low dose of coffee. (That is only 16oz. I’m doing more than two cups on a get-up-and-go day.)

So yeah, I can see retroactively how it became a day of being Grumpy McGrumperton.


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