A Day of Crazy

There’s been a lot of scary news (For me ). A man not charged with a crime has been held in solitary for seven months (so far) in contempt of court for not decrypting a hard drive under a court orders (in violation of his own fifth-amendment rights), which is terrifying to me. And this is one of several situations currently in the news in which rights of innocent Americans are being trodden on at the convenience of state agencies.

And my sweetheart’s been dealing with moving problems and work problems and daughter problems and a dog that has become unhousebroken with the move (he used to have doggie-door access to the outside. Now he doesn’t but is taken on walks.)

And I’ve gotten to freaking out about work I’m doing that may or may not be paid work (the terms of which are really ambiguous) and I’ve become aware that I can’t depend on it being paid work, and I’d have better peace of mind knowing it were gratis.

Anyway, I did tech work and freaked out and that kinda took all my energy today.

Hopefully I can get back to writing tomorrow.

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