I was researching other things and I came across People Like Us by Kelly Clarkson, the message of which is pretty much You’re trapped in The Matrix, but we’re watching you, and we’ll help you escape.

But then the video features conspicuous Nokia and BMW product placements that undermine the whole point. This message is company sponsored. This red pill (or rather the red car) is a proper channel. Labcoat Kelly Clarkson is a decoy by which to contain would-be escapees.

According to Paul Duren of The Dallas Morning News You can see Nokia and BMW getting the in your face treatment, but it really doesn’t take much away from the video. Apparently, he didn’t see the problem with corporate artifacts in a story about escaping the status quo, which leaves me to wonder if any of the other video developers did either. I’d like to think so, that it was a dog-whistle message in enemy propaganda.

It reminds me of the Animatrix: Kid’s Story.* No I don’t recommend using this method of self-substantiation. Even if we are in the Matrix, I suspect we’d be noticing a lot more sychronization problems if we were brains in jars, rather than programs intrinsic to the simulation (the later can be more consistently corrected for time adjustments). Even when transcending a simulation nested in another simulation, there needs to be a compatability of framework.

It also reminds me of We Built This City by the label-selected supergroup Starship, also an appeal to young people who found their identity not represented in the mainstream.

Most of us feel out of place. This is a good world for agents and officials, and an adequate world for the affluent. But if you’re an ordinary person, those in power regard you with hostility, and as a resource to exploit. If you’re a child or an immigrant, or otherwise uninformed, they will try to trap you into service before you can become aware enough to make better decisions.

If you hope to be found by those who are like you, people like you are often out there, but we each have to do the looking for ourselves. Also, if no one else is the Morpheus or the Neo, that might be you.

Heh. Roger Waters is, without doubt, corporate owned. But I’m pretty sure this one was from the heart.

You are not alone.

* A complete-looking original and viewable version can be found on Vimeo, at least for now. Thanks Vimeo.


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