Microsoft unhid update KB3035583 again, trying to reinstall GWX to advertise to me how awesome Windows 10 is. Oh, Microsoft, I’m just not that into Miss Cortana. Installing malware on my computer will drive me to become more suspicious of her.

It’s come to my attention in the last couple of weeks how officers of large companies have almost entirely ceased regarding their customers as collaborative agents who occupy another part of a common society, have their own ambitions and aspirations which they want to facilitate with their own products, but rather prey to be manipulated and ensnared and drained of vital resources before cast aside.

I remember once an editorial suggesting that we live under alien occupation (it specified Martian occupation) in that now we common civilians continue to exist only at the mercy and enjoyment of corporate and state overlords, who now have control over our lives.

Maybe the proper allegory isn’t the Martians, but Morlocks.

And we are the Eloi.

Update Microsoft is now making some pop-up upgrade dialog boxes opt-out. If you close this window (with the corner ⌧ close button) the adware assumes you want to upgrade. Only by clicking a non-intuitive small word can you choose to halt the upgrade process.

Wow, Microsoft. Just …wow.

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