Cats and Dogs Living Together.

Ren and Stimpy met today. (My sweetheart’s Chihuahua and my calico standard American shorthair cat, respectively. I talked about them before.) It went about as well as could be expected, which is to say after only a few hours, they can pass in the hallway without incident. Stimpy outweighs Ren half again, and has a full set of claws, so the power situation is clearly established against poor Ren.

My experience with Ren is that he’s protective of his human (my Sweetheart) and has liked to boss other animals around, including a Pit Bull Terrier twelve times heavier than him. I expected him to be the aggressive one and try to establish a dominant position regardless of his smaller stature. However, this last month with a new place and a regular regimen of walks has made him a changed dog, a lot more friendly with neighbors and a lot more sociable.

Stimpy has before been amenable to human company and aggressive with prior cat residents, but has lived paired with another cat and with other animals. So it appears she too knows this process (whether or not she’s happy with it). Stimpy is certainly clear that the rest of us regard Ren as a fellow pack-member. The next big stressor for Stimpy will be moving in with Ren in August.

This could have gone down in many ways far bloodier than it did. I’m relieved it’s where it’s at, and cautiously optimistic that we can get along, more or less.


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