It was a long sweetheart weekend, and I didn’t post yesterday. Well I did, but that was a late post for Saturday. So this is a late post for Sunday. I’ll catch up sooner or later.

As per typical sweetheart weekends, I was anxious the day before and exhausted the day after. The usual worries occur: Can I only tolerate two-to-three days of girlfriend a week? Is this an indicator that I can’t live with her?

Actually I have issues regarding what the psych-sector calls separation-individuation. Our brains shift gears to adjust our behavior when we’re part of a group or when we’re alone, which is why I get sad for a few minutes after visiting for an hour with a friend. It’s also why I’m anxious before a meet-up. We developed the ability to integrate and separate when we’re wee tots of six-to-eighteen months. Sometimes, as in my case, not very well.

Also the Ren v. Stimpy business this weekend plumb wore me out. Because, man it would have been awful if they both were aggressive and got into a fight. I’m so relieved that didn’t happen.

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