Still Tired

I’m usually thinkier in during the beginning of the day, and today I wasn’t very thinky at all. Then I end up in moments like this one wondering if I’ve had my last thinky moments ever.

So far, not. Thinkiness has always returned.

But not tomorrow. Not for blogging at any rate. Tomorrow I get up early to try to help a friend with computer stuff. It’s very programmity work and a different kind of thinkiness. And I’ve had difficulty changing gears before.

Also, I keep wanting to finish serious posts that are still incomplete, and I have a number of them left pending. They nag me, and drive me to try my hand and head at them, instead of easier, funner, more enjoyable posts. But then they are harder to write when life intervenes.

I need to keep to that stratagem: I shouldn’t force heavy topics. I should write light until the heavy topics compel me. They always have so far.


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