I’ve been behind a post for a while, and because I can be obsessive about it, I’m catching up, even though I posted only a few hours ago.

It’s been a moody day. I was reflecting on the whole Microsoft Windows-10 stalkiness thing and then it occurred to me that companies don’t think of customers anymore, but consumers. Business models are not about making a product or service to facilitate a person’s life and agency, but entrapping the person into depending on the product or service, so as to force money from them. Hence we have contract terms and lengthy click-wrapped terms of service and regional monopolies.

Now we’re all objects, just not (necessarily) sexual ones.

It’s not the cause of my anxiety right now. It’s just where my mind is nagging at me. Sometimes all my red lights are lit up and I can’t tell what is wrong. Sometimes it’s nothing I’d be able to do anything about anyway.

Tomorrow’s date day with my sweetheart. If it’s not too sunny, I’ll try out the swimming pool at the new apartment. (If it is, I’ll hide inside and not burst into flames.)


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