Pool Party

I went to my sweetheart’s today rather than yesterday. Her family was invited over for a pool and grill party (there’s a grill by the pool so it worked out well). I haven’t been to a swimming pool in years. This is to say I haven’t swam in years. Or, for that matter, been fully submerged in water for years. It was an experience.

Wow I’m buoyant! I tried to swim underwater and instead my legs would fly into the air, and I had to fight my displacement with just my arms until I could get my legs partially submerged. Once down, underwater, I floated up like a rubber duck. This is partially due to saltwater being heavier than chlorinated poolwater. And then I’m plumper than I was.

So much nakedness! San Francisco’s cool clime makes for well-dressed or overdressed pedestrians, so when the weather turns warm, it’s a bit of an adjustment when the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes. Spring fever comes earlier than the lusty-month-of-May, and it’s noticeable when everyone is dressed much less than they were just yesterday.

It was like that. Having not been at the beach for years either, all the skin was really rather titilating… for about ten minutes. This is an effect I’ve found in clothes-optional situations (e.g. nude beaches or Neo-pagan events) where the brain first goes OH WOW GIRLS! and then gets used to all the naked — or in this case all the much-more-naked-than-usual.

Moving in water is work! And I’m out of shape! I swam myself to exhaustion doing only five laps from end-to-end of what was a less-than-Olympic-length pool. If I can get in the habit of swimming daily, I should be able to achieve a modest level of fitness in a year. The question is if I can incline myself to stick to it for that long.

I did get a bit sun sick — it’s not photophobia or sun poisoning but when exposed to direct sunlight for too long I start getting nauseous, a condition I’ve had since my young adulthood. I’ll have to ask my doctor if he knows what it is. It’s probably the same condition that vampires have.


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