A better day.

I’m was less depressed yesterday than Wednesday, and I think I’m getting better. Not a great morning for other reasons. Fighting a sinus headache that’s not going away. I’ve cancelled therapy because I’m going to be spending much of today in bed in the dark.

I’m considering viewing Eye In The Sky, a military thriller about a drone warfare. The premise is that a mission to observe a terrorist cell in Kenya goes hot, but then it appears there’s a child at the target sight, and oh the angst and tension! In the CIA drone strike theaters in Afghanistan and Pakistan, children are acceptable casualties, if not acceptable targets, which puts a sobering perspective on a single mission’s concern over one kid.* Technically, this mission is commanded by the UK, but lately their reputation has been as bad as ours in the US, sometimes worse. (But only worse because we leave our dirty work to mercenaries.) Also, it turns out that drone pilots, like Russians, love their children too, and are still suffering from the shock of taking real human lives, despite the hopes from command that they’d still be able to emotionally distance themselves from their duties. It’s still easier to tell another guy to shoot someone than it is to pull the trigger yourself.

It’s also another indicator that video-game players can definitely tell the difference between the fiction of games from real-world violence. Soldiers can.

Regarding Eye In The Sky Judi Dench is playing the British commanding officer, and I’ve noted before that I delight in Dame Dench being bossy.

* This happens to me a bit. A post-Ferguson perspective on police corruption made the Gotham PD look downright ethical and principled by comparison. Wow. Harvey Bullock is angsting over killing a guy (who shot at him first) because the guy might have been framed. He’s actually worried about his job.

In this world, the two officers who did the drive-by shooting of Tamir Rice, a twelve year old boy playing with an Airsoft gun were not indicted. Both officers had histories of excessive force. Officer Loehmann had already been reviewed as unfit to serve. Both officers lied in court to paint their actions in favorable light, revising their stories as new evidence (e.g. video) surfaced. They’re on active duty to this day.

Given this is the norm for law enforcement Bullock had nothing to worry about, unless the Gotham Police Department is the ethical paragon of the nation.


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