Chihuahua again.

Ren is here again today. Stimpy just was done with it and has been hanging with my roommate all day. It’s been a hot, muggy day, and I wouldn’t deal with unpredictable strangers if I had the choice to not.

My sweetheart and I got Batman Fluxx (featuring art from The Animated Series and its descendants!) Unlike other recent Fluxx editions, this one brought back creepers, and has some effects interesting to explore. One of the cards pulls an Action card from the discards and gives everyone a chance to do that action once per turn, every turn. I’m still excited to see that one in action. The three superheroes (Batman, Robin, Batgirl) can each eliminate one creeper (all Batman Rogues Gallery villains) as per similar cards in creeper-based games. We did find one unlimited recursion: The Batarang can be used to choose any one discard and put it on top of the draw pile, returning the Batarang with back to the player’s hand. Combined with Play all, one can pretty much stack the draw pile with the discards.

The movie Cell came out (Direct-To-Video, which means it was done with a smaller budget and might be, but not always, a really lame film. John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson.). Cell takes the Stephen King approach regarding the ubiquity of cell phones and how they are (allegedly) killing the closed-circle horror / mystery genre. I argued cell phones aren’t doing any such thing since the police don’t serve as the cavalry without plenty of problems all their own. King’s approach is to make cell phones the vector that turns people to zombies, by way of a sonic brain-scrambling pulse. I’m pretty sure ubiquitous-tech-object-gets-a-King-payload has been done before, but he wrote it in 2006. Earlier than my first Cell Plan treatment.


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