Not quite the buzzy day I was hoping for.

It was a warm, sleepy day, oddly non-productive day.

I drank twenty-four ounces of coffee before I was perky enough to get myself to make-up therapy and back. I did get to therapy. And back.

Some of my friends are in more health distress than I’d like. Also someone’s daughter is going to Indiana. Like, to live there.

The Supreme Court of the United States decided that if a crime is terrible enough, it doesn’t matter that evidence of it was found during an illegal search. By terrible enough, I mean the discovery one gram of meth. According to the majority opinion (penned by Thomas) The exclusionary rule does not apply when the costs of exclusion outweigh its deterrent benefits. So that pretty much wipes the fourth amendment indefinitely.

Cracked has a lot of articles on rape:
On the experience of date rape
Rape on college campuses (or by students)
…From the rapist’s perspective (sexual assault in his case.)
…The terrors of seeking legal redress for a rape
…Regarding rape in the military
…When children are an end-result
…When a man is raped by a woman

I read them all in an obsessive binge (a side effect from reading cracked, since stories link to each other), and done gone and made myself sad and angry and disgusted with this society I live in. To be fair, the SCOTUS thing kinda shook my mood up already.

I think I’ll be okay tomorrow. I mean, it’s sucky news but I don’t think I’m going to spiral into depression.

Still, good cause for consolatory ice cream.


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