More of a Context Moonwalk

So yesterday was an odd day of productivity-yet-setbacks, where I’ve been trying to write a piece (the one yesterday on obedience implants was a tangent). And I’m doing the backpedal tapdance again, in which I realize that I need to introduce context first, and then I need to introduce context for the context. And then I need to introduce context for the context for the context.

I do this a lot.

Then there was a regular coffee date and then I got a migraine…but it was on the wrong side, and was probably a sinus headache due to dry weather. And now my cat is still avoiding walking on her right forepaw, even though we thought we fixed the thing that made it hurt. Is it an infection? Will it require a vet visit? I worry.

🏠 Also now I’m moving! Which means this blog is going to function for the time being as my moving diary (and continue as my fitting-into-family-life diary). I will be leaving the brisk and lovely sea weather of San Francisco up to the warm agrarian clime of Vacaville where I will live most of my life inside a gated community. And walk a dog.

And now I’m noticing that in my evenings, I’m not very thinky. So it’s a bad time for me to check in or even post a cat (which requires finding a good cat).

Hence my late post for yesterday, today.


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