A visit to the vet.

Today was an anxious day. My cat’s right forepaw has been painful to the touch for the last few days. That is to say Miss Whiskers would avoid putting weight on her right forepaw and messing with those toes would annoy her much more severely than messing with her other toes. After a couple of clear pain storms, I made an urgent care appointment at the vet. We went today.

As far as the on-duty doctor could tell, her paw isn’t infected or swollen, and by the time we got there, Fluffytoes was in much less pain. In the meantime, it did mean busing along two transfers to the vet and then back again.

When she got home, she hung out in the back, and after we gave her some pain medicine, she camped out in the dog-box (that is the kennel reserved for when when Ren is here and requires a kennel.) It was clear Miss Fuzzyface was done with the world.

I’m worried she might think she’s dying and hence had withdrawn so as not to leave a messy corpse. I’m not sure if that’s still going on. But then I’m worried and anxious, and I can’t be much fun while she’s over stimulated and doped up on pain meds.

Difficult day for kitty.

Unrelatedly, Microsoft released KB3173040 today, what is supposed to be the last adware (we promise!) to get Windows 10 free, since after July upgrading will actually cost money.

At this point I am cynical that Microsoft could possibly leave well enough alone. Maybe they’ll just continue their ad campaign regardless, and maybe they’ll discontinue support for Windows 7 and Windows 8. At that point I’ll just go through the painful process of switching over to Linux Mint.


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